If you're reading this then you are witnessing the comeback of our podcast! Welcome to our crazy lives! We created this podcast as a way for us to speak our minds and share our creativity with the world. Although we took a bit of a hiatus, we're back and better than ever! We are so excited for you to hear what we have to say but most importantly we want to hear what you have to say!


We are here to listen to your stories as well as tell our own. We want to make this podcast as interactive as possible, allowing our listeners to take part in the episodes by sharing their submitted stories along with answering their questions. We also would love to know what YOU want US to talk about - yes, you read that right! We want you to send in your topic suggestions! We want to incorporate your interests in with ours!


Feel free to submit whatever is on your mind. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts just as you are looking forward to hearing ours! 

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"This podcast is filled with so much laughter and it's beyond relatable! You just feel so connected to the host the minute they start talking! I highly recommend this podcast it is so good and I'm definitely going to keep listening! I can't wait for more episodes!" - Bittersweet Coffee Podcast


"We loved getting to know y'all through your conversation and can't wait for more!" - Chatting the Day Way Podcast

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